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MSL is an IANZ-accredited calibration and testing laboratory offering premium calibration services. MSL is New Zealand’s national metrology institute providing internationally traceable measurements directly linked to the International System of Units (SI). Our calibration services reflect this in accuracy, precision and detail.

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We also offer Proficiency Testing, see link below to find out how this programme can assist your lab.

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What we offer

We offer a wide range of calibration services for instruments and artefacts covering:

All MSL calibration reports are issued under the control of our quality system to ensure that the report has been produced following a validated technical procedure. In general, you can assume that the endorsements on your report will be appropriate for your needs.

Please refer to our standard terms and conditions.

Benefits to you

Premium calibration service

Offering the highest level of accuracy and quality underpinned by our role as the national metrology institute.

Optimal performance

Keep your instruments accurate and performance optimal.

Peace of mind

Have peace of mind and reduce risk with your production processes.

Access to experts

Have access to our measurement experts to help you understand your instrument or attend our training courses to learn how it’s done.

Calibration reports

Read more about the importance of calibrations and how to get the most out of your calibration report.

How to access

If you require a calibration, please complete the contact us form to be put in touch with a staff member who can assist with your query.

The relevant contact person will assist in defining the scope of the work required and provide a written work order agreement that outlines the cost and time frame for the job. This must be signed and returned before any work can begin.

Please wait until you have a firm booking before sending equipment to MSL.

Please note - from 1 July 2019 we will be increasing our prices to reflect increasing costs.