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Ross 002

Ross Mason

Research Technician

Temperature and Humidity

Areas of expertise

  • Fixed-point Calibrations
  • Contact thermometry
  • Humidity calibrations
  • Heat pipes


  • New Zealand Certificate in Science (Applied Physics)


Ross began work in the Physics and Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research as a Science Technician. After two years' training he was assigned to the new Remote Sensing Section helping to develop Aerial Multispectral Camera systems and co-patenting the Eight Channel Hand Held Radiometer that was also purchased by NASA and flew in the Space Shuttle.

In 1976 he was awarded a Commonwealth Technicians' Travel Award and spent twelve months at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing in Ottawa. At the conclusion of the year he and his wife, Kris, cycled across Canada and the USA to Vancouver.

In 1981 he spent 12 months at Scott Base working in the Science Laboratory monitoring the Earth’s Magnetic field and seismometry that included the Mt Erebus Seismic Survey.

In 1985 Ross left DSIR and worked for Biolab Scientific as a Service Technician. He was trained in NMR servicing at Varian in Palo Alto, California. In 1990 Ross took on the job of Domestic Engineer caring for three daughters under 6 years of age and returned to MSL in 1999, joining the Temperature and Humidity Teams. He has assisted in building Humidity Standards into the standards system, assisted in building and commissioning the Johnson noise thermometer, developed expertise in small temperature controlled systems based on heat pipe technology, developed humidity generators, run humidity training courses, built fixed-point cells, and developed direct current power supplies for fixed-point furnaces and thermocouple scanners.

Professional activities

  • Member of the Metrology Society of Australasia