Our People

Farzana 002

Farzana Masouleh

Research Scientist

Temperature and Humidity

Areas of expertise

  • Physics
  • Microfabrication
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical characterisation
  • Materials science


  • PhD, Solid State Physics, 2017
  • PhD, Engineering/Applied Physics, 2020


Farzana holds a Bachelor of Science in Theoretical Physics, a Master of Science in Photonics, and a PhD in Solid State Physics. She has experience in FDTD- and FEM-based optical device modelling. So far she has published more than two dozen research articles and papers in reputable journals and conference proceedings. Currently she is towards the end of her second PhD where she has combined her modeling skills with microfabrication and materials science in order to characterise transparent conducting oxides for plasmonic applications.

Currently she is with the Light and Temperature Team at MSL, as part of the Humidity Measurement and Calibration Lab.


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