Our People


Blair Hall

Principal Research Scientist


Areas of expertise

• Measurement models
• Measurement uncertainty
• Software for metrology
• Quality infrastructure


  • Dr. ès Sci. (EPFL)


Blair leads MSL's Digital Metrology programme. He is also Quality Manager.

Blair trained as a physicist. He holds a doctorate from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, for research into the atomic structure of nanometre-sized particles, and later worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Swiss national metrology institute (METAS) studying the quantum Hall effect. He returned to New Zealand in 1993 to lecture in Physics and Electronics at Massey University, then, in 1998, he joined MSL to develop national measurement standards for radio and microwave frequency quantities.

Blair is currently interested in the metrological challenges posed by new and emerging autonomous digital technologies that can generate and consume large amounts of measurement data unsupervised.


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