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The Measurement Standards Laboratory is New Zealand’s centre for measurement research and development, and maintains NZ’s primary measurement standards. In addition to calibration and consultancy services, we offer a wide range of practical training courses.

Balances and Weighing

Practical workshop providing hands-on experience with balances, with time for problem solving and discussion. Relevant to those, checking or calibrating laboratory or industrial balances and scales. Restricted to 10 for each workshop...more >>

Humidity and Moisture workshop

Covers all aspects of humidity measurement especially relative humidity and dewpoint. Provides an overview of physical principles, sources of error, treatment of uncertainties, surveying of environmental chambers, calibration, and traceability...more >>

Infrared Radiation Thermometry

Practical course covering problems with the use and calibration of infrared radiation thermometers, including reflections, absorption, emissivity, and instrumental effects. Builds confidence in measurements from −50 °C to 2000 °C...more>>

Measurement, Uncertainty and Calibration

Gives a broad overview of measurement and calibration principles, and calculation of uncertainty. Designed for technical staff making, reporting, designing, or auditing measurements. Especially useful for staff involved in testing and calibration...more >>

Pressure Calibration

A hands-on workshop on pressure gauge calibration including equipment, calibration methods, and deadweight testers. Relevant to those checking and calibrating gauges and meeting accreditation and QA requirements...more >>

RF and Microwave Uncertainty

This one-day course provides an introduction to the topic of measurement uncertainty for RF and microwave measurements. It covers basic notions of measurement uncertainty, with emphasis on complex quantities... more>>

Temperature Measurement and calibration

Use, care, and calibration of liquid-in-glass, platinum resistance, thermocouple, and radiation thermometers. Relevant to all personnel who use or check thermometers as a part of testing, installation, or monitoring and maintenance tasks...more >>

Reliable Relevant Electrical Measurements

This 2-day course focuses on skills for making good electrical measurements. Good measurement starts with being clear on why you are making the measurement inlcuding the decisions that will result from the measurement results. These skills are relevant whether the measurements are being made in a calibration laboratory or on the factory floor.  Students will learn how to choose appropriate instruments, interpret instruments specifications, make use of the information in calibration certificates and use appropriate measurement process....more>>

Spectrophotometer Calibration

This is a half day hands-on course designed to meet the needs of laboratory staff using and calibrating spectrophotometers. It covers the handling of neutral density filters, calibration of the spectrophotometer, wavelength linearity, and basic uncertainty analysis...more >>