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Radiation thermometry services

MSL offers a range of radiation thermometry services including thermometer calibration, consultancy and thermophysical property measurement. For all enquiries contact Peter Saunders.

Infra-red thermometer calibrations: (operating wavelength not important)

-20 ºC to 1100 ºC least uncertainty 0.1 ºC to 0.4 ºC
Fee: NZ$1500 + GST
When: Calibrations scheduled on request, turnaround typically 10 working days.

For all calibrations, please contact Peter to arrange a mutually suitable date for the calibration before shipping your thermometer. This will help us to ensure that your packaging is satisfactory, that we understand your requirements, and you are without your thermometer for a short period only. When you are ready to ship, use this address label (PDF 113KB).

Thermophysical properties

We can provide measurements of emissivity at 1 μm, 3.9 μm, and 8-14 μm with a least uncertainty of about 0.02. Spectral measurements of emissivity are also available through MSL’s light services.  Contact Peter for further information.