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Contact thermometry services

All of our routine thermometer calibration services are listed below.  If you have requirements outside our routine range, require advice, or require field measurements contact Rod White.

For all routine calibrations, please contact Hamish Edgar to arrange a mutually suitable date for the calibration before shipping your thermometer or bridge to us. This will help us to ensure that your packaging is satisfactory, that we understand your requirements, and that we minimise the time you are without your instruments. When you are ready to ship, use this address label (PDF 119KB).

Contact thermometers:

including industrial platinum resistance thermometers and direct-reading thermometers:

-40 ºC to 550 ºC Least uncertainty 2 mK + 0.02 |t| mK, t in ºC
Fee: NZ$1100 + GST.
When: Calibration runs are scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks, turnaround typically 10 working days.

 Contact Hamish.

Resistance thermometry bridges:

Direct reading (in ohms) bridges 0 to 400 Ω least uncertainty   100 μΩ

Resistance ratio bridges  0 to 13.0 Ω/Ω (Rs = 100 Ω)

least uncertainty   2 x 10-8 Ω/Ω
Fee: NZ$1100 + GST
When: Calibrations scheduled on request, turnaround typically 10 working days.

Contact Hamish.

Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers:

Calibrated at the following fixed points

Mercury triple point -38.8344 ºC least uncertainty 0.40 mK
Water Triple Point 0.01 ºC 0.10 mK
Gallium melting point 29.7646 ºC 0.19 mK
Indium freezing point 156.5985 ºC 0.56 mK
Tin freezing point 231.928 ºC 0.85 mK
Zinc freezing point 419.527 ºC 1.9 mK
Aluminium freezing point 660.323 ºC 10 mK

Cost and turnaround time depend on temperature range.
Contact Hamish.