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Temperature and Humidity Services

The Temperature Section of MSL provides a wide range of temperature-related measurement services, including calibration, field surveys, and consultancy.  We cover three main technical areas: contact thermometry, infrared radiation thermometry, and humidity.

Calibration Services and Contacts

Our calibration services are generally suited to high accuracy instruments. You may find that one of the second-tier laboratories can satisfy your needs more cheaply.

For a summary of MSL thermometry services and accredited second-tier thermometer laboratories please click here  (PDF 222KB).

For the 2018 Thermometer Calibration run Schedule, please click here (PDF 190KB)

Contact thermometry

Contact Hamish

MSL maintains the ITS-90 temperature scale over the range –40 °C to 660 °C with a best uncertainty in the range 1 mK to 10 mK, depending on the temperature range and sensor type.

We offer routine calibration services for:

  • Direct-reading thermometers (i.e., reading in degrees Celsius), usually with platinum-resistance or thermistor sensors,
  • 4-wire industrial platinum resistance thermometers,
  • Standard platinum resistance thermometers,
  • Platinum resistance thermometry bridges.

We can calibrate other sensors (thermocouples, thermistors, or liquid-in-glass) on request...more >>

Radiation thermometry

We can calibrate most infrared radiation thermometers over the temperature range from –20 °C to 1100 °C with a best uncertainty in the range 0.1 °C to 1 °C, depending on the thermometer and temperature range. We have a limited capability to measure related thermo-physical properties, including emissivity and bidirectional reflectance.


We calibrate both dew-point temperature meters and relative humidity meters. The dew-point range is from –60 °C to 70 °C with a best uncertainty better than 0.1 °C, and the relative humidity range from 10 % to 95 % for temperatures between 0 °C and 70 °C with an uncertainty of 0.1 % to 0.5 %, depending on temperature and %RH...more >>