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Calibration of Reference Weights

We routinely calibrate reference weights over the range 1 mg to 10 kg up to an accuracy of 1 part in 106 down to a lower limit of 10 µg. Higher accuracies are available on request.

Weights from 20 kg to 1000 kg can be calibrated on request.

The stability of weights, and therefore the accuracy to which they are calibrated, depend on their material, form and condition of use. For advice on suitable weights and likely ongoing costs of keeping weights in calibration please contact Greg Reid or Chris Sutton.

We generally calibrate highest accuracy weights. There are also laboratories accredited by IANZ for calibration of weights to lower accuracies.

Calibration of Density Hydrometers

We calibrate density hydrometers over the range 500 kg/m3 to 2000 kg/m3 to accuracies of up to 1 part in 104.

For further information including advise on suitable packaging please contact Greg Reid.

Calibration of the Density of Solid Objects or Liquids

Density of solid objects or liquids can be calibrated to accuracies of up to 1 part in 105.

Contact Greg Reid for further information.

Calibration of Volume Measures

We calibrate volume measures of up to 50 L in capacity to accuracies of up to 1 part in 104. Routine calibration of volume measures is carried out by IANZ accredited laboratories. We generally calibrate measures beyond the capabilities of these laboratories.