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Calibration Industry

Calibration Industry

We presently provide calibration services for the following types of equipment that are used to provide traceability into second-tier calibration laboratories and other industries with demand for high accuracy. Our list of ISO 17025 accredited services is available at or Contact Laurie Christian for further details or to make a booking.

DC Voltage References:

usually zener-based references (such as Fluke 732B, Statronics VS4 etc). Standard cell reference calibrations are no longer offered.

DC Standard Resistors:

we cover the range from 0.1 mΩ to 5 TΩ.

DC Current Shunts:

we calibrate DC shunts up to 875 A

Standard Capacitors, Inductors, and AC Resistors:

these are normally calibrated at 1.59 kHz although we cover the range 40 Hz to 2 kHz at an increased uncertainty.

AC-DC Standards:

these include single-range thermal voltage converters (such as Fluke A55, which can be calibrated up to 70 MHz) or multirange instruments (such as Fluke 5790A, which are generally calibrated up to 1 MHz). AC-DC Current Shunts (such as a Fluke A40) are best calibrated in combination with the AC-DC voltage instrument with which they are used and can be calibrated up to 100 kHz.

DMM and Multi-Function Calibrators:

we cover 5½ to 8½ DMMs (such as HP3458A, HP34401A, Fluke 8506A, Datron 1281 etc) and calibrators with similar capability (such as the Fluke 5700A and Fluke 5500A families, Fluke 5100B etc).

RF Calibration Services:

we offer power meter and power sensor calibration for power levels up to 10 mW.  The service provides traceable measurement of power sensor calibration factor over the range of frequencies from 30 MHz to 3000 MHz.
Least uncertainties are available from an automated service, at 1 mW, for HP8478-type thermistor mount sensors fitted with type-N connectors.  Contact Blair Hall if you are interested in knowing about our plans for expanding our RF calibration services.