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  • Lanke, U.D.; Koo, A.; Ruck, B.J.*; Lee, H.K.; Markwitz, A.; Kennedy, V.J.; Ariza, M.J.; Jones, D.J.; Roziere, J.; Bittar, A.*; Trodahl, H.J. 2001. Compositional and structural studies of amorphous GaN grown by ion-assisted deposition. 2001 MRS Fall Meeting.
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  • Trodahl, H.J.; Ruck, B.J.*; Budde, F.; Koo, A.; Granville, S.; Bittar, A.*; Williams, G.V.M.; Grigorescu, C.E.A.; Notonier, R.; Tonetto, A. 2004. Nanostructured amorphous group III nitrides : Potential for refractive index engineering. Proceedings of 2004 6th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, 2004. Volume: 2. Vol.2, p.151-153. IEEE.