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  • National measurement system and quality.
  • Measurement time and statistics for a noise thermometer with a synthetic-noise reference.
  • Observations on sub-range inconsistency in the SPRT interpolations of ITS-90.
  • UV radiometer monitoring system.
  • A graphical method for calculating reflection errors in radiation thermometry.
  • On the concept of relative humidity.
  • Evolution of the local structure in GaN: O thin films grown by ion-assisted deposition with film thickness.
  • Propagation of uncertainty in modular measurement systems.
  • Depth profile analysis of thin TiOxNy films using standard ion beam analysis techniques and HERDA.
  • White, D.R.*. Isotopic effects in the realisation of the kelvin. International Workshop on Isotopes in Metrology. Paper submitted.
  • Clarkson, M.T.*; May, B.J.*. Density measurement. Notes for Density Measurement Workshop and ASEAN training programme.
  • Clare, J.F.*. A study of instrumental nonlinearity in measurement scales for the directional/hemispherical reflectance of diffusively reflecting surfaces.
  • Howick, E.F.*; Lawson, F.E.*. Design options for a facility for the calibration of long distance measuring instruments.
  • Clare, J.F.*; Bittar, A.*; Nield, K.M.*. The design of an improved luminous responsivity standard based on trap-dector photometers.
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