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The title of the indexed item itself. This may be the title of a journal article, a conference paper, a book chapter - or a whole book/monograph if that is the indexed item. Enter one title keyword or a phrase. 

Source Publication

The title of the publication of which the indexed item is a part. This will be the name of a journal, the title of a full conference proceedings or the title of a book/monograph. Enter one source publication keyword or phrase. 


The author(s) of the indexed item. Each author is cited in the form: Surname, Initial.Initial. ... . Where an item has multiple authors, each is separated by a semicolon-space. MSL authors are denoted by an asterisk. Enter just one surname. 


The year of publication or, if an unpublished report, the year of compilation. Enter just one year.

Year Range

If you aren't quite sure of the exact publication year you can ask instead for a lower and upper limit. Enter the earlier year in the From: box, and the later year in the To: box.


During indexing, every MSL publication is allocated to one or more broad subject areas of work. Select just one such area from the drop-down menu. The default <Any> means that all areas are selected. Should you wish to see all publications from any one area it is better to go to the SAVED SEARCHES links in the left hand column.

Sort Results

Retrieved items may be sorted by one of four separate criteria - Authors, Publication Year, Title, and Source Publication. Having done one sort a little grey up-arrow appears against the same criterion. Click on that to reverse the sort order to descending.