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TC150 Precision Single Setpoint Temperature Controller

For sale in New Zealand only.
The TC150 is a single setpoint controller intended for fixed temperature, long-term control applications in testing laboratories.  Typical applications include control of water baths for medical, viscosity and water quality testing.  The setpoint is fixed at the time of manufacture according to your requirements.


Setpoints: Any setpoint between -200 °C and +200 °C with standard probe, can be chosen when you order. Standard setpoints available are 20, 25, 30, 37, 40, 44.5, and 100 °C. The setpoint has an internal tamper-proof ±1 °C fine adjustment.

/x option: Setpoint can be extended to +500°C with heavy duty probe.

Stability: typically better than 0.001 °C
Resolution: better than 0.001 °C
Drift with ambient temperature: ±0.0005 °C/°C (<0.01 °C over the range 10 °C to 30 °C).
Drift with time: <0.01 °C/year
Drift with lead resistance: <3 x 10-5 °C/W

Mode: Fully proportional plus integral. Can operate in P or P I modes. The integral component ensures good long-term stability against load or ambient temperature variations.

Load Capability: 230 V ac, 25 W to 2100 W

Stirrer: This outlet is switched, but not controlled, and provides power for the stirrer and refrigeration.

Heater: This outlet is switched and controlled and provides power for the heater.

Temperature Sensor:  DIN 43760 100 Ω Platinum Sensor: The standard probe has a 4 mm diameter x 400 mm long earthed stainless steel sheath and a 4-core screened cable with Teflon© sheathing for duty up to 200 °C.

Case Dimensions: 210 mm x 230 mm x 90 mm. The controller is housed in a 2U/half width aluminum case suitable for rack mounting.


NZ$2,200 + GST. Includes a platinum resistance thermometer control probe and retrofit instructions for existing baths.

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