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Radiation Thermometry: Fundamentals and Applications in   the Petrochemical Industry

Radiation Thermometry:
Fundamentals and Applications in the Petrochemical Industry.

Temperature is one of the most critical parameters in the operation of a petrochemical plant, governing both efficiency and reliability. The non-contact technique of radiation thermometry is recognized as the only viable method for measuring temperatures in the harsh environments found in the petrochemical industry. However, meaningful measurements can only be made through a detailed understanding of the instrumental and environment factors that more often than not influence a radiation thermometer’s readings.


Traceable Temperatures Traceable Temperatures:
 An Introduction to Temperature Measurement and Calibration (2nd Ed.)

This book is a little different to most other measurement texts,
it explains what goes wrong with temperature measurements,
how to recognise when something is wrong, and how to fix it.


An Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty:

This introduction to measurement uncertainty is intended for metrology professionals working in calibration laboratories and metrology institutes, as well as students in tertiary-level science and engineering programmes.

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