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Tim Lawson


Electrical Standards

Contact Details

Areas of Expertise

  • DC resistance


PhD (University of Sheffield, UK)


Tim Lawson has worked in the electrical division of MSL since 2008. For the ten years prior to this he was at the University of Sheffield UK, working in the field of particle astrophysics. His first project at Sheffield followed on directly from his PhD work there and involved designing, building and operating a direction-sensitive dark matter detector that was installed 1.1 km underground in the Boulby salt and potash mine under the North Yorkshire coast. In 2007 he shifted projects, still within the physics department at Sheffield, to a neutrino oscillation experiment, T2K, where he was responsible for developing a calorimeter calibration system.

A combination of good luck, excellent timing, science funding cuts and a long spell of bad British weather prompted a move to New Zealand and MSL. Currently, he is working in the DC resistance area with the main responsibility of improving the Quantum Hall resistance standard whilst honing his skills in the fine art of electrical metrology.

In his spare time Tim enjoys tramping and sea-kayaking. If the weather’s particularly bad he’ll happily settle for DIY and home renovation.