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Distinguished Scientist

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Areas of Expertise

  • Johnson noise thermometry
  • Liquid-in-glass thermometry
  • Platinum resistance thermometry
  • Radiation thermometry
  • Temperature Control
  • Thermocouple thermometry
  • Uncertainty in measurement

Qualifications:  M.Sc. (Physics),  D.Sc

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Rod has been working in thermometry since 1979, and has been an active researcher in most areas of thermometry having made significant contributions to Johnson noise thermometry, radiation thermometry, platinum resistance thermometry, the triple point of water, resistance measurement and resistance bridge calibration, and measurement uncertainty.

Rod has published more than 100 scientific papers, and is co-author of the text book Traceable Temperatures. He worked at NIST as a guest researcher in 2001 and 2007, assisting with their Johnson noise thermometry project. More recently Rod has been a guest researcher at NIM (China), in 2010, 2012 and 2016 assisting in several areas of thermometry, including their noise thermometry project to measurement the Boltzmann constant. 

Rod has won the NZ Royal Society Science and Technology medal in 1997 for contributions to Temperature Metrology, and the Cooper Medal in 1998 for the work developing the Resistance Bridge Calibrator, an instrument now manufactured in the UK by Isotech. In 2010, he was awarded a D.Sc by the University of Waikato for his contributions to temperature metrology. In his spare time Rod is a keen golfer, reads, and listens to music on DIY electrostatic loudspeakers.

Professional activities:

MSL representative on the CIPM Consultative Committee for Thermometry (CCT)
Chairman CCT Task Group on Guides on Thermometry
Chairman CCT Task Group on Sealed Metal Fixed-point Cells
Member CCT Working Group on Contact Thermometry
Member CCT Working Group on the Mise en Pratique for the Kelvin
Member CCT Working Group on Key Comparisons
New Zealand representative on the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) Technical Committee on Temperature and Thermal Measurements
Member of the Metrology Society of Australasia
Member Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Member NZ Association of Scientists
Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand