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MSL Paralympian Greg Reid

26 September 2016

MSL Mass & Pressure staff member Greg Reid has just returned from the Rio Paralympics where he represented New Zealand in the Shooting. Greg did us proud qualifying for the final of the 10m Prone Air Rifle and finished a very respectable 7th place.

Greg started at MSL in January 2005 as a research assistant/technician in the Mass Standard area, where he is responsible for the operations in the Mass Laboratory. This includes the scheduling and calibration of commercial and internal client's weights, hydrometers and volume delivery instruments, in addition to maintaining the Laboratory which is responsible for the dessimination of the SI unit of Mass throughout New Zealand. In short, Greg looks after New Zealand's kilogram!

"I've even told friends I'm a professional weight lifter (since that's what I spend most day's doing). OK so most of them are very small weights."

Apart from being a 'professional weight lifter' one of Greg's hobbies is shooting. Greg has been shooting since he moved to Wellington in 1988 (as a new chemistry teacher) after seeing an open day at the Wainuiomata range advertised in a shop window.  In 2009 Greg participated in the Parafed Nationals and later that year he took part in the Oceania Championships in Sydney.

 "I finished third at Oceania, amongst athletes from as far away as Canada. Watching the New Zealand flag fly was probably the moment that got me really hooked."

Since then, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) shooting has taken Greg around the world to places he would not have thought possible.  Greg says "I've participated in two World Championships, one European Championship, six World Cups and three International Championships. But representing New Zealand at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio is definitely the highlight of my shooting career."

Greg competed in two shooting disciplines at the Paralympics, 10m Prone Air Rifle (R3) where he qualified for the final and came 7th, and 2 days later the 50m Prone Small-bore Rifle(R6) unfortunately not qualifying for that final. The target for R3 is 10 m away and is approximately 30.5 mm in diameter. This is divided into rings which score 4,5,6,7,8,9,and 10 points per shot. Each ring is then further divided into 10, so a shot in the 10 ring could score 10.0 through to a 10.9 (highest score).

"To put it into perspective in order to shoot a '10', the 0.177" or 4.5 mm pellet has to hit a target the size of a full-stop (0.5 mm)  10 m away.  I guess being a Metrologist helps, as precision and repeatability is definitely the name of the game."

NZ RIO Paralympic Shooting Team

Greg Reid